Northridge smoke damage

Storage area.jpg

Storage area - Day1

The fire was in a room in the storage area below the gym which was already included in the bid for the remodeling. This is the view looking south toward the library while ventilation was still being set up to evacuate the remaining smoke through a north window. Ventilation, air scrubbers and a negative air pressure system were set up immediately to keep the smoke and smell from traveling to other parts of the school.

Day 2 -This area was contained and the storage area received some initial cleaning while the fire damaged room was demolished.

Day 3 - additional cleaning occurred, but this area will remain contained until all items and surfaces are thoroughly cleaned and smell is gone

Gym day 1.jpg

Gymnasium- Day1

While most of the smoke damage and soot was contained to the storage area beneath, the gym itself has a fair amount of cleaning that needs to be done.

Day 2 -BPS staff worked tirelessly today to get the floor and equipment cleaned in the gym and attached storage areas. Walls and ceiling will be addressed Friday, along with the stage area. Fortunately, this air-handling system only handles the west part of the building so the smoke wasn’t transferred to the classrooms. The ductwork should be cleaned prior to school starting next week

Day 3 - Walls, ceilings and fixtures were cleaned, equipment was cleaned in place or removed. Air filters were replaced. The stage area needs final carpet cleaning after ductwork is done and before curtains are put back up next week.

Office hall day1.jpg

Front office hall - Day 1

Very little smoke made it past the current construction area in the south hallways Classrooms closest to the office had some minor smoke damage, including 103, 104, 105, 106, 201, 203.

Day 2 - These rooms have already been cleaned by BPS staff with a restoration contractor and odor control equipment is in place. Some teachers will be in to reset their rooms on Friday. Classrooms beyond the construction area will need minimal cleaning and odor control.

Lunchroom Day2.jpg

Lunchroom Day 2

The lunchroom and library areas were also affected. Containment was set up today to control smell, construction dust and tracking of soot between dirty and clean areas.

This was the lunchroom mid-day, work was focused on washing walls and ceiling in the lunchroom and kitchen areas. The tables and concrete floor were professionally cleaned. Work was starting in the library and will likely be completed on Friday.

Day 3 - Ceilings and fixtures were touched up and floor re-cleaned. Air filters were washed and replaced. Kitchen dishwasher is being kept busy washing all cookware and serveware.

Library day3.jpg

Library Day 3

Book by book, shelf by shelf the library was cleaned Friday. Saturday the ceilings will be hepa-vacuumed and floors will be re-cleaned to remove any last traces of odor.

Classroom day3.jpg

Classrooms ready Day 3

Teachers were in Friday resetting classrooms. Any traces of smoke smell are gone and rooms are ready for students!